Extra Curricular Activities

   •  Project Business/ Junior Achievement
   •  Forensic Speech and Debate
   •  Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science
   •  Pittsburgh Engineering Society Science Competition (website)
   •  Math Competition
   •  Spelling Bee
   •  Student Council
   •  Children’s Choir   
   •  Instrumental Music   
   •  Chess Club
   •  Simulated City Competition
   •  Spanish Club (website)


   •  Soccer
   •  Bowling
   •  Football
   •  Basketball
   •  Cross Country
   •  Cheerleading
   •  Volleyball



The diocesan policy for funding elementary Catholic schools calls for each school to generate approximately 10-15 % of their operating budget through fundraising activities. St. Thomas more School makes every attempt to be selective about the number and type of fund raising chosen each school year. Primarily, the school fund raising needs are met through four major yearly events; shopping certificate sales, The Extravaganza Auction Dinner, The STM Golf Outing and a yearly raffle.

School parents are expected to participate in these fund raising activities to the best of their ability through monetary donations, purchases and/or volunteer work.

                           Our Mission:

                                   "To teach as Jesus did."